‘Top 10 Snowboard Videos/Sections Ever’ Countdown To The Season – #4 Nike ‘Never Not’ Part 2

by Baden Knifton
Nike - Never Not Part 2

Nike – Never Not Part 2

This movie is inspiring if for nothing more than the sounds and laughter of pure joy that come from Gigi mouth between 00:10 and 01:38. The movie follows ‘acts’ around different metaphorical areas of riding and we love it, a perfect blend of urban creativity (from the likes of Jed Anderson and Austin Smith) with big mountain fluid lines from Gigi and co.

It shows a behind the scenes real life look at how filming happens and what it takes to shoot that trick/part, we REALLY dig that! The bails, the tantrums, the anger, the throwing of boards, but it also show the encouragement and team work it takes to make these shots happen plus the excitement, happiness, delight, stoke and camaraderie that comes from that single landed trick. It’s a team effort behind the athlete and this is one of the few movies that shows that, if you’ve done a season with friends and said “Hey can you help me film this” you know exactly what these guys are going through and it is for that sense of friendship and achievement that Nike ‘Never Not’ makes our top 5 with ease.

Well done Nike, you’ve got some amazing boots, a killer team and now an inspiring video to go with it. A tip of the hat to you guys today for making us want to shred our best with friends!

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