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Onyx Snowboard School Tramp2Snow freestyle snowboard camps in the UK

A first in the UK from Onyx, fusing pro trampoline instruction with on snow freestyle coaching to enhance your riding skills in a whole new way!

Being able to visualise and 'feel' a trick is an important aspect in progressing. The trampoline section of the camp helps improve your aerial and body awareness (proprioception). So whether it's just feeling comfy being in the air for the first time, trying out some different grab, or really starting to understand and effectively use the body parts necessary for good spins and inverts. This section is one of the most beneficial off snow learning tools for freestyle, and now it's available to you.

Then comes the really fun part!

Heading back on to snow where we'll show you how to link your new trampoline skills back onto a board. Our ISIA and ISTD certified team additionally hold bachelor and masters level sport science qualifications, which in short means we know a thing or two about biomechanics and how to make that link work. Using camp specific freestyle features, a max 1:6 coaching ratio and video feedback throughout, we're here to help make you the best you can be wearing the biggest smile possible.

All this for ONLY £99!

Blue Freestyle Tramp2Snow Camps

Aerial awareness trainingFor those looking to grow their bag of tricks or who have have previously ridden on a green level freestyle camp with us. Here we'll help progress your range of grabs & introduce rotations on the jumps. We'll also look at more intermediate level jib/slope tricks. All we ask is that you be comfortable straight airing green kickers (attempting grabs).

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Red Freestyle Tramp2Snow Camps

Trampoline snowboard trainingPerfectly suited for the intermediate/advanced freestyler looking to push their versatility and trick difficulty to the next level.

We look at the importance of edge setting in rotations, developing your initiation and style in the air, allowing you to push past that 180/360/540 barrier.

Minimum requirements for the camp is that you be comfortable spinning minimum 180 on a green kicker & grabs off a blue kicker.

Upcoming red freestyle snowboard camps

Timetable & Venue Information

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The Snow Centre
Hemel Hempstead

The Snow Centre
St Albans Hill
Hemel Hempstead


Free on site parking
Changing rooms and showers
Lockers £1 refundable

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