Riding & Trick Tip Videos

Get inspired with our handy video tutorials to some of our favourite tricks.

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Method Grab

Seen as a signature trick for snowboarders such as Terje Haakonsen Gigi Ruf and Nicolas Müller, this grab looks amazing wherever it's thrown. From the park to the backcountry and the pipe to side hits on piste, this is definitely one to have in your snowboarding trick-ionary.

The Tripod

This is one of those silly old school moves that you just have to love, especially as you charge down the hill leaving everyone looking puzzled as to what you're actually doing. Jokes aside it also helps prep you for powder tricks and nollie front flips (tame dogs), so definitely one to add to your trick-tionay.

The Onyx

This is our favourite jib/flatland combo... 'The Onyx'. It's not that we created it, just the real name for this combo is pretty long (FS nose butter 180 - to - switch BS 180 tail press - to - spin a little bit - to - danish) so we called the Onyx for ease while teaching it on our sessions and it stuck! The cool thing with jib/flatland combos is there are no rules, use this as inspiration then add your own unique stamp to it by switching elements up and putting new tricks in throughout. Creativity and fun are the keys here :)

Gorilla Grab (indy & mute)

An old school favourite of ours and also known as a 'Mindy', this trick combines both an 'Indy' and 'Mute' to grab the toe side edge in between both feet. This is a fun trick to boost on any size kicker, side hits, in the pipe and if you're feeling really ninja... add it to front or back side spins!

Frontside 180 to switch tailpress

This trick is really fun on its own plus it also forms the basis for hard way spins onto boxes/rails and even more complex flatland combos like the 'Onyx Jib'. You'll need to have tail presses/manuals dialled first so check the Onyx Snowboarding tutorial out if you're not sure and just try everything in your switch stance.

Tail Manual

The 'Tail Manual' is a really fun trick that can be used all over the mountain from adding fun to slopes and cat tracks, to pulling powder wheelies and styling out 50-50's on the box. It also leads on to other cool tricks like butters and fun jib combos.

Chuck Norris 50-50

While this 1 footed move will not win you an X Games gold medal it is a lot of fun just like snowboarding should be, mess around with it in smaller parks or as a great intro to more complex 1 footed tricks.

Indy grab

This trick is derived from the 'indy air' created by veteran US pro skater Duane Peters. Trick purists insist that strictly speaking it should be performed on a backside wall or hip (starting with your back to it), but we're going to ignore them and go for simplicity today.

The indy is super simple and a lot of fun! Once you've got the basic grab down try boning it out for extra style, you can also add it to frontside spins and cliff drops for more stability in the air.