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UK Freestyle Snowboard Camps YouTube (mobile)
Watch our UK snowboard camp showcase
UK Freestyle Snowboard Camps YouTube (mobile)
Watch our UK snowboard camp showcase

Our UK based freestyle snowboard camps have helped hundreds of riders at all levels learn the freestyle skills to ride the park (and entire mountain) with confidence and head turning flair.

Enjoy a fun, social and supportive atmosphere with like minded riders in which to develop your snowboarding. From first ollies to refining rodeo 5’s, we run multiple ability groups during each camp to better target our coaching to you level.

Camps run in different formats and durations, so be sure to check the specific details for each listing below.

What's included

Multiple ability level groups
Max 1:7 coaching ratio
Slope pass
Video feedback & photos throughout

Upcoming UK sessions to choose from

Oops! There are no upcoming sessions published at the moment.

UK Freestyle Day Camp FAQs

We run different levels to cater for a wide range of freestyle snowboarding abilities, from freestyle first timer to seasoned spinner alike. Please check the each product description for more details on what is required and if you have any questions please , we’ll be happy to chat any element of the camp through before booking.

Perfect for taking your first steps in to the world of freestyle snowboarding.

Prerequisite skills required:

  • Consistent flowing linked turns on the main/blue slope.

Things we'll cover:

  • Foundations of freestyle riding
  • Riding switch
  • Intro to flatland tricks
  • Intro to jumps & boxes

For riders looking to add spins & intermediate kicker/box tricks to their bag

Prerequisite skills required:

  • Straight airs on green kickers
  • Attempting grabs
  • Able to 50/50 a 4m+ box

Things we'll cover:

  • Larger range of grabs
  • Intermediate flatland tricks
  • Boardslides
  • Intro to spinning on jumps

For intermediate/advanced freestylers looking to push their versatility and trick difficulty to the next level.

Prerequisite skills required:

  • Minimum 1x 180 variation on a green kicker
  • Grabs on a blue kicker
  • Boardslides on a 4m+ box

Things we'll cover:

  • Edge setting and techniques for bigger rotations (3’s, 5’s)
  • Advanced kicker & box/rail tricks
  • Rotations on/off boxes & rails
  • Advanced flatland combos, butters and nollie spins

Each group will work on content specific to that level and we’ll build each camp around the people who attended on the day. Meaning you get to work on the tricks that you want to work on as well as few inspiration curve balls thrown in for good measure by our awesome team of coaches. Here’s a little more on each level.

Green camps - The perfect setting to take your first steps into the freestyle world in a safe & supportive environment. We'll give you all the foundations from which to excel & develop your skills, in a fun & easy to understand session, with coaches who can help you progress with confidence. We don't care how baggy your pants are, just how big your smile is! We take a inclusive look at your riding, covering a refresh of some basics, stance, switch, ollies, intros to jumps & boxes, plus a few slope tricks for good measure, allowing you to emerge as a truly versatile rider. You'll be surprised how easy Onyx can make freestyle riding for you. All we ask is you be of recreational standard, we'll help with the rest.

Blue camps - For those looking to grow their bag of tricks or who have previously ridden on a green camp with us. Here we'll help progress your range of grabs & introduce rotations on the jumps, while starting to get that board sideways on the boxes. We'll also look at more intermediate level jib/slope tricks.

Red camps - Perfectly suited for the intermediate/advanced freestyler looking to push their versatility and trick difficulty to the next level. We look at the importance of edge setting in rotations, developing your initiation and style in the air, allowing you to push past that 180/360/540 barrier. On the boxes and rails we'll look at switch tricks, switch ups and rotating on with style. Plus flatland jib tricks get a whole new lease of life with new butter combo's nollie spins, reverts and more!

We will always aim to have a minimum of a kicker and box available for the camp. However we normally have more features than this available depending upon whether you join us for a full day, half day or evening camp. Please feel free to check in with us ahead of time.

The upcoming camp feed will show the date and start/end time for all available sessions, a more in-depth timetable will be shown during the checkout process for your chosen freestyle snowboard camp.

A lift pass for the duration of your lesson is included in the price.

For freestyle lessons we highly encourage you to bring your own snowboarding gear, it’ll be far better for your progression at this level. However rental board, boots, bindings and helmet are included in the price from the facility where your lesson will be taking place if required. You’ll still need your own clothing/gloves etc and helmets are compulsory for all UK freestyle snowboard lessons.

Freestyle snowboard camps run at:

The Snow Centre

Hemel Hempstead

The Snow Centre
St Albans Hill
Hemel Hempstead

  • Free on site parking
  • Changing rooms and showers
  • Lockers £1 refundable



Xscape Castleford
Colorado Way
West Yorkshire
WF10 4TA

  • Free on site parking
  • Changing rooms and showers
  • Lockers £1 non-refundable

All our upcoming and available UK freestyle snowboard camps are shown in the feed on this page. Simply select the camp you wish to join us on and checkout using our online booking system. Please make sure to check the date, times, location and level are correct before booking.

If you can’t see a level available for a date showing other levels it simply means this has sold out or is not available. Should you not be able to see any camps in the feed this simply means we’re waiting on new dates from the facilities and we’ll update ASAP. The best way to hear about this first is by signing up to our newsletter here.

Please read the full terms and conditions priot to booking. If you have any questions or want to talk to a human being then please drop us an email or call, we’ll be more than happy to help you with any additional information or even just a chin wag.