‘Top 10 Snowboard Videos/Sections Ever’ Countdown To The Season – #10 Johan Olofsson in TB5 (1996)

by Baden Knifton

Mmmm, cookies!

Some things in life were destined to be together:
Oreo’s and milk.
R2D2 and C3PO.
Wellington boots and UK festivals.
And of course…. snowboarding and videos!
As a sport we just can’t get enough of them and there’s a lot out there, searching for ‘snowboarding’ on YouTube returned around 2 million results! Everything from homemade stacks and skills to trick tips, reviews and pro riders strutting their stuff.



Whiskey movies were nuts!

The humble snowboard video has come a long way since mankind first took to the snow standing sideways. From the early movies of “Hey check out this guy snow surfing” to the recent big budget-high definition-helicopter fest that was ‘The Art Of Flight’. Don’t forget the messed up love child of Jackass, a skate movie, snowboarding and a clown that was ‘Whisky’, through to the documentary style offering of David Benedek’s ’91 Word For Snow’ and Jeremy Jones’ ‘Deeper’. I think you’ll agree we’ve seen a huge range of offerings.



Do we have time for full snowboard movies anymore?


Modern technology has also changed the way we view media, influencing not only the way we buy it but also the time we allocate to enjoy it. It’s an ADD electronic age where 7 second vine clips are the rage and time is more precious than ever, but with people talking about snowboard sections rather than full films…. have we killed off feature length snowboard movies? That’s definitely a debate for another day.


So what makes a good snowboard movie?!?
An eternally subjective question but one that the Onyx team think we have nailed in one sentence……. It should make you want to go snowboarding! Simple as that.


So with 10 weeks to go until we kick off our winter season in Morzine & Avoriaz, the team got together to vote for our top 10 movies/sections that make us want to go riding EVER. We’ll be posting one every Friday and today we’re kicking off with…..


#10 – JOHAN OLOFSSON in TB5 (1995, Standard Films)

Swedish born Johan may not have possessed the same fluid elegance as other backcountry gods of the day like Terje, but one thing he did own however was a massive set of King Kong sized nuts as this section proves. From a first descent on ‘Curious George’ to nailing 3000 feet on a 50° pitch in 35 seconds, there’s a lot to love here all wrapped up with a good old heavy metal soundtrack (MD .45 – ‘Nothing is Something’).

It’s ballsy! The type of ‘Yeah I’ll give that shot” ballsy you feel when riding with an awesome crew of friends and that’s why we love it. Yeah his first 720 was a bit flappy but look how big he went on that and most of the other tricks in this clip, pretty damn huge and remember this was 1996! Jeremy Jones in a recent Transworld interview named Johan in TB5 as the most influential video section for him, now that’s high praise indeed.

So Johan we raise our glass to you and say thanks for making us want to go ride, check it out….

Johan Olofsson - Thanks for making us want to go snowboarding today! :D

Johan Olofsson – Thanks for making us want to go snowboarding today! 😀


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Grant October 4, 2013 - 9:33 am

TB5 and that entire series of movies were revolutionary in those days, they were the Redbull Media House big blockbusters of their time. I’m sure I wore out the tape on my VHS copies.
When I was a kid I’d get dressed in all my riding gear, strap my board to my feet and practice spins and grabs on my bed as I watched my heros rip!

Baden Knifton October 4, 2013 - 9:40 am

Ahh the days of VHS snowboard movies, think I’ve still got the Haakonfactor and a David Benedek movie knocking around.

Your right though, it’s movies like this that make you want to go riding and that’s what a good snowboard movie should be 🙂 Wifi-hi-5 to Johan for that


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