‘Top 10 Snowboard Videos/Sections Ever’ Countdown To The Season – #7 John Jackson in ‘F… It” (2010)

by Baden Knifton
Forum F... It

Forum F… It

Brothers by nature are competitive with each other, so what happens when both are ridiculously good snowboarders? All kinds of awesome that’s what!

We are of course talking about the Jackson brothers, Eric and John rather than the Michael and Tito version. Both are amazing riders in their own right and it’s John who gets the spotlight from us today with his unbelievable two-part psychedelic ender for the ‘Forum – F.. It’ movie.

This is a truly monster section that propelled him into the lime light and brought well deserved credit for his skills, helping him secure: Snowboarder’s 2010 Men’s Rider of the Year, Jumper of the Year, and Video Part of the Year, as well as TWS Video Part of the Year and Rider of the Year. Not a bad collection!

We love this section for John’s use of creative lines on natural terrain, with fluid and stylish tricks being thrown off every lip, roll or drop in sight. It’s an inspiring watch that really makes you want to get out there to see if you can spot new ways of shredding the hill too.

For reminding us that it’s all about being creative and sending it large, today we raise our glass to you John Jackson and say thanks for making us want to get out there and have fun riding!


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