‘Top 10 Snowboard Videos/Sections Ever’ Countdown To The Season – #8 ‘Terminal Ferocity’ (2007)

by Baden Knifton
Terminal Ferocity

Terminal Ferocity


Here’s a challenge for you, name a British made snowboard movie that saw a national release?


There’s not many (10 point if you mentioned Damian Doyle’s ‘Standing Sideways’) and while us Brits are not exactly world renowned for making epic snowboard movies, the ones we have made sum up the UK scene perfectly!


Back in 2003 The Snowboard Asylum decided to commission a snowboard movie that would be given away free on DVD from stores at the start of the ’04-’05 winter season and the honour of this fell on two English pro riders – Tim Warwood and Adam Gendle of Lockdown Projects.


So began a series of 4 movies produced by the duo of which Terminal Ferocity was the last in 2007 and arguably the best. The formula was perfect: full all-star British cast with a crew atmosphere, lots of big tricks, lots of little tricks, lots of comedy moments and all sprinkled with a “don’t take yourself too seriously’ attitude.

It was the just right balance of riding, inspiration and humour and sums up a seasonaire/holiday with mates vibe perfectly! The result is a movie that makes you want to get out there and have a laugh riding with your mates, so who could ask for more.

Sadly we could only find the intro, but it definitely gives you a flavour of the movie……

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