‘Top 10 Snowboard Videos/Sections Ever’ Countdown To The Season – #3 Torstein Horgmo ‘Game Of In Your Face’

by Baden Knifton
Horgmo vs Halldor - Game of in Your Face

Horgmo vs Halldor – Game of in Your Face

OK so it’s not a section as such but this is one of THE best clips to watch before a riding session ever. Each and every game has something new in there that looks achievable, we’ve all watched them and said “Right I’ll try that today then” and boom… we’ve added a new trick to our bag. Even if it was the silly mess around trick, who cares! There is something in this for everyone and to be fair we’ve all played this game at some point in our snowboard lives, it’s soooo much fun.

So for reminding us that snowboarding is indeed fun with friends trying stupid trick, Mr Horgmo we tip our hats to you for making us want to get out there and ride!


Here’s the ultimate face off between Torstein and Halldor Hellgason!

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