‘Top 10 Snowboard Videos/Sections Ever’ Countdown To The Season – #1 Afterbang (2002)

by Baden Knifton
robot food afterbang

robot food afterbang

While the Onyx Snowboarding team shortlisted their favourite movies two in particular kept coming up again and again, so much so that we nearly picked a joint first place but that would just be a poor end to a countdown. Unsurprisingly though both these movies come from the same production company (Robot Food) and feature pretty much the same riders, so after much deliberation the title of ‘Best Snowboard Movie/Section Ever’ goes to…….. AFTERBANG!!

This movie make us want to go ride for all the right reasons, period! Born in a time before triple corks this movie is still as relevant and inspiring now as it was then, focusing on fun, fun and even more fun…. did we mention this is a fun movie? It sums up the whole essence of riding for the Onyx team, it’s the getting out there with a good group of friends and having the time of your life shredding the mountain in whatever way you see fit. From Jussi buttering off kickers in your boxer shorts and team backflips to Travis P with some of the first documented one footers and the best soundtrack ever. These movies had and still have the perfect balance of why we snowboard and every time we watch them we become inspired to get out there and try something new.

Today is the first day of the season for us and in preparation we will have watched Afterbang ALL THE WAY THROUGH (a feat not usually seen with modern snowboard movies) before heading out the door, have no doubt it’s left us stoked and inspired for the day and indeed the season ahead.

Robot Food, the Onyx team salute you for creating THE two best movies in snowboard history (although we’re only listing one) that make us love riding even more. For that we tip our hats and give you that cheeky wink.

This is a blinder of a movie!!!!


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