The future of avalanche prevention?


The dangers and consequences of being caught in an avalanche are well documented and it’s definitely a scenario where prevention is far better than trying to formulate a cure.

AvaTech SP1

AvaTech SP1

American company AvaTech are aiming to help backcountry enthusiasts further identify any potential hazards and weak snow layers with their new SP1 probe, which measures the force required to drive it through the snow and create an accurate profile of the snow pack.

Digging a snow pit has been the only real method to assess snowpack stability so far, and while we do love being able to feel and see what the layers are doing it can be time consuming process. The benefit here is that you could collect 30 or so readings on the SP1 over a wider area in a similar amount of time.

Another neat feature of the SP1 is the ability to upload and share the snowpack data online, potentially allowing additional regional avalanche data to be produced.

So is it the future of further avalanche prevention? Check out the video and let us know your thoughts…



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