FS 180 to Switch Tail Press – Snowboard Flatland Trick Tip Video Tutorial


An easy intro to snowboard flatland trick combos!
With a slight variation by taking off the toes this tricks is really versatile, with applications back onto rails, boxes, lips/drops and much more.

Have fun trying this trick and be sure to check out our range of camps, courses and lessons throughout the UK and Europe here.


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Baden Knifton

Baden Knifton is owner and head coach at Onyx Snowboard School, holding BASI L4 ISTD Snowboard Instructor certification with further qualifications in Sport Technology (BSc) and Sport Psychology (MSc). He's the head trainer with Snowsport England and responsible for writing their instructor qualification programme. Additionally he works as a freestyle TD (technical delegate), judge, race official and regularly organises competitions around Europe. Away from snowboarding he's a winter sports and travel blogger, presenter, writer, general mountain man and tech geek!

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