Top 3 Lesser Known Snowboard Brands

by luke.parker

Are you someone who doesn’t like to follow the herd?
If you’re constantly looking for something different and hopefully better than what everyone else has, then check out my top 3 lesser known snowboard brands to shred on.


Whitegold Flyer Snowboard

Whitegold Flyer Snowboard


This brand originally came into existence after Kevin Sansalone left Option Snowboards back in 2008. Now these super pumped up, cutting edge technology snowboards are made in the Bataleon factory to Kevin’s exacting requirements. They are all designed to be able to rip the park and then tear through powder and backcountry.

Cool tech and materials:

  • Drop back inserts
  • Cork
  • Bamboo

Recommended board – Whitegold Flyer

Whitegold website




Niche Story Snowboard

Niche Story Snowboard


Niche are an eco warriors dream! Based in Salt Lake City and produced in a small Austrian town, their philosophy is centred around using eco-friendly materials to make lightweight , snappy and durable snowboards. That not only dominate when it counts but help save out planet in the process. Oh and they look amazing!

Cool tech and materials:

  • Bio resins
  • Basalt
  • Recycled materials

Recommended board – Niche Story

Niche website




Dinosaurs Will Die Wizard Stick

Dinosaurs Will Die Wizard Stick



This Canadian company have actually been around for a while now, but haven’t really gained much traction in the UK. Created and run by pro riders Sean Genovesse and Jeff Keenan as a solution to taking control of their own riding destiny! DWD don’t do anything especially different or indeed new. But they make this list as what they do, they do well and at a very very reasonable price. Most of their snowboards lean towards freestyle and jib riding so if you want a top quality Dome or Jib snowboard look them up.

Cool tech and materials:

  • Sintered bases
  • Poplar wood cores

Recommended board – Wizard Stick

Dinosaurs Will Die website

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