The Lib Tech DUH (Deeper Understanding Hypothesis) a Mike Olson brainchild.

by luke.parker
Libtech DUH

Libtech DUH

As my love of snowboarding grew I started to delve deeper into snowboard technology, it was then Mike Olson the former rider and founder of Mervin technologies quickly became one of my core inspirational figures. His enthusiasm for the sport and experimental mind leads to some very interesting products and solutions. Mike comes up with an idea and then makes it happen hence the aptly named ‘GNU Impossible’ utilising Magnesium in it’s fibreglass layers, and the ‘Lib Tech Cygnus’ with self healing sidewalls. He attempts to create a new technology use in snowboarding every year, and so here’s the latest effort from the mad scientist of snowboarding.



His latest brainchild released through the Mervin subsidiary Lib Tech is called the DUH. On the surface it appears to be a funky looking Lib Tech TRS it’s only when flipped over you see the Mike Olson touch which is a two layer base, the lower section utilising a faster, straighter side cut without Magnetraction, while the upper deck has a more aggressive turning side cut with Magnetraction for hard carving and grip.

And heres the magic.

And heres the magic.

The idea behind this is that when flat basing and riding rails the lower edge is slightly detuned and allows for forgiving cruising and catch free freestyle, and also makes it easier to lever the snowboard onto the upper turning edge when carving and riding harder conditions.

I personally am intrigued by this design and would love the opportunity to try riding it. If anyone has had the pleasure comment below and pass on your experience. I would also be interested in any experience of servicing such a design as I can imagine that waxing and edge tuning could be a mission.


If you would like some more information on Mervin and Mike Olson then please follow the link below.


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