Heikki Sorsa – Injuries & Returning To Snowboarding Like A Boss

by Baden Knifton


We’ve all taken a beating while snowboarding from time to time, but how do you come back from 2 blown out ACLs…? Ask Heikki Sorsa!

Bruised bum? Broken wrist? Bad hair day? Whatever your injury we’ve all figured out how to pick ourselves back up and get back on a board to enjoy snowboarding again, but Heikki is next level! In this video the super-talented Finn talks us through his near career ending accident in 2012 while filming for ‘Cooking With Gas’ where he blew both knees out at the same time. We guarantee you’ll cringe when you see it.

Could you come back as strong as Heikki did?

From his mohawk at the Salt Lake City Winter Olympic Games to the quarter pipe air at the Arctic Challenge… this guy has got some serious style across street, kickers, back country and pipe!

[iframe src=”https://m.epictv.com/player/embed-player/602843?title&seriestitle&disable_ads&partner=onyx_snowboarding” width=”100%” height=”400″]

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