‘Shift’ Crew – Riding Street Spots In Switzerland

by Baden Knifton

The 2nd episode of EPIC TV’s web series ‘Shift’ sees the crew enjoying some early season street spots in Switzerland.

Featuring the snowboard skills of Fred Couderc, Christian Weber, Julien Emch, Cedric Giovanola, Tim Bouvette and Anthony Brotto. These guys showcase everything from basic down rails to triple kinks in a range of awesome locations, our favourite is the railway tunnel and would loved to have seen more tricks shot there. Props to the guys for shredding hard in some pretty wet and slushy conditions too, having fun snowboarding while soaked through is an art!

[iframe src=”https://m.epictv.com/player/embed-player/603674?title&seriestitle&disable_ads&partner=onyx_snowboarding” width=”100%” height=”400″]

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