Burton X South Park – South Parkitect snowboard & soft goods colab

by Baden Knifton

Burton have teamed up with the guys at South Park to offer a super limited edition run of snowboards and soft goods for the 2016-2017 winter season.

The boards are based on the ever popular (but now discontinued) Parkitect, that for this colab series they’ve dubbed the ‘South Parkitect‘… AWESOME! It’s a full camber, mid flexing, all mountain freestyle weapon and a personal favourite for many of the Onyx team. Graphics on these are killer, featuring Butters (150cm) Towelie (154cm), Kenny and some strong language (157cm) and Mr Hanky (160cm).



Burton South Parkitect Snowboard in 150cm, 154cm, 157cm and 160cm


They’ve also released a range of soft goods for the colab including hats to match each of the main 4 characters which look rad and a 4 pack of socks featuring Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny. There’s also a set of Mr Hanky sock, a set of butters mittens and a few long sleeved t’s to wrap up the offering.



Burton x South Park soft goods


All in all it’s a pretty strong colab and great to see the parkitect get the proper send off that it deserves.

The Burton X South Park range is super limited and only available in the UK from Subvert, Borderline and The Snowboard Shop

So get in there while you can and bring all your South Park – snowboard dreams to life… we may have already purchased a couple of towlies!!! 😀

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