Lib Tech & GNU 2017-2018 Catalogue & Staff Picks

by Baden Knifton

From the Skate Bananas and TRS pro, to the Headspace, B-Pro and Velvet Gnuru… the new 2018 Lib Tech & GNU snowboard range has you covered for the season ahead.

Yes it’s only spring, but we’re already getting excited for new kit and especially now the 2018 Lib Tech and GNU catalogues are out. The Onyx team are lucky enough to have access to the Lib Tech and GNU demo fleet every summer, so can say with hands on experience there are some epic rides in the catalogues below.

GNU 2017 – 2018 catalogue here

Lib Tech 2017 – 2018 catalogue here

STAFF PICKS – Our top 5 Lib Tech & GNU snowboards for 2018


2018 GNU Headspace

GNU – Headspace
Both Baden and Kev added this asymmetric super soft jib orientated park board to their quivers during 2016-17. Equally as fun and playful as a rocker but far more capable around the whole mountain, it’s a Jack of all trades that really encourages you to mess around on the way from A to B. Tends to let go at high speed or off bigger feature and we’d love to see if a bit stiffer to become the perfect board… but you can’t have it all. If you’re a beginner or advanced rider looking for a fun and easy to throw around freestyle deck then this could be a winner.

GNU – B-Pro
Aggressive cambered awesomeness for ladies that launch, this tech filled precision tuned board is aimed at advanced female riders hitting the whole mountain and blitzing the park. A couple of the smaller footed guys also demoed the 152 last summer and loved it. To an extent you’ll need to ride this board like you hate it and buttering will take more effort, but you will richly rewarded for your efforts with stability and pop for days. Shame the graphics are a bit lame compared to last years uni-pig, that thing rocked!


2018 Box Scratcher

Lib Tech – Burtner Box Scratcher OP+
This soft banana profiled (rocker centric hybrid) board is perfect for intermediate riders looking for a fun board in the park that will also be forgiving around the mountain. For 2018 the Box Scratcher gains a sintered base (up from the lower end TNT base) to waddling on the flats a distant memory and also sports cleaner graphics (in our eyes). While not as capable as Mervin’s C2 shaped boards, we do find the Box Scratcher has more to it than the Skate Banana while retaining the super loose feel the shape is famous for. So if looking for a single rocker deck for dome and mountain, this could be a winner.

Lib Tech – TRS FP
The FP version sees upgraded core and glass materials over the slightly softer HP version, rewarding heavier or more aggressive riders with a truly solid charging stick. Smallest size you’ll find is 157cm reminding you that this board is designed to hit mach 5 all over the mountain and land from orbit like a ninja. In our experience the ability to jib this thing comes solely from the shape rather than the flex, so don’t expect metre high tail presses at the flick of your hair. That same rocker centric C2X shape is what makes this board rideable rather than an absolute pig to turn… but only just. If high tech ballistic missiles are your thing or you’re slightly heavier then definitely give this a shot for all mountain fun. Lighter riders or those looking for a less involved ride can find better boards in the range.

2018_gnu_velvet_gnuruGNU – Velvet Gnuru
Mellow flex paired with a mellow version of Mervin’s C2 rocker centred profile, can you tell we think board is mellow? This women’s specific board is super easy to live with, building your confidence and skills to venture further without trying to bite you in the bum should you not be 100% on form. It also features an asymmetric core and side cuts to aid turning, a feature we think works really well. Aimed at beginner – intermediate ladies looking to progress and have some fun along the way, advanced or aggressive riders can find better options in other boards.


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