New NZSIA Snowboard Manual Available For Free!

by Baden Knifton

SBINZ_2017_ManualSnowboard Instruction New Zealand (SBINZ) is one of the four divisions within the Kiwi system (NZSIA) and is responsible for the education and certification for Snowboard Instructing in New Zealand.

We rate their qualifications highly here at Onyx Snowboarding and ex-instructor Chris is a trainer for the system, they use solid science and some cool ideas when it comes to teaching/delivery. So we’re pretty stoked to see their brand new snowboard manual release and in keeping with their philosophy of knowledge sharing, the manual is available online for free! What legends.

So whether you’re a European/Stateside instructor looking for a different take on things or just a recreational rider who wants to increase their knowledge, the manual is an awesome resource of information and you’ll definitely pick or a thing or two.

You can view and download the 2017 NZSIA Snowboard Manual here.

Also check out some of the L3 riding tasks in their video here.

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