Mendip Reopens For Post-Covid Snowboarding & Skiing

by Baden Knifton

Old Aunt ‘Rona… she really has been a fun sponge in so many ways and if like us you’ve been wondering when you’ll be able to get your post lockdown shred on again, then we have great news!

Mendip Snowsports Centre may not be a name on the tip of everyone’s tongue, but this 165m dry slope located just outside Weston-Super-Mare (South of Bristol) was where it all started for Olympic medalist Jenny Jones and it’s now open once again for private slope bookings.

So what’s the deal?

  • £60.00 for 1hr private slope hire£60.00 for 1hr private slope hire.
  • Up to 6 people from the same household or following social distancing rules.
  • Must be recreational standard.
  • Usual slope rules (clothing, gloves, helmets etc) apply.

A lot of people poo poo dry slopes, but we think they’re an awesome way to get your shred on and just wear all the padding you’ve got to help with any knocks. Obviously at a time when no one is really sure what’s happening with covid-19 it’s down to you to exercise your own common sense and choose if you should be riding (#legalbit).

We do know that Mendip have freestyle features at the slope, but couldn’t reach anyone at the centre to see if that could be something included in the private hire… we’ll update if we hear more.

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