Are The Snow Centre set to purchase Chill Factore?

by Baden Knifton
Possible purchase of Chill Factore by The Snow Centre

It’s old news that the team behind The Snow Centre in Hemel Hempstead have been keen to add another venue to their portfolio for a while now. The original business has seen excellent financial results over the past few years and lets be fair they’re a nice crew of people who are good at what they do. The venue was also instrumental in the birth of Onyx Snowboarding, being the home of our first UK freestyle camps in 2010 and where we developed of our trampoline cross over camps… ahh the memories!

Many thought that the expansion would come at a new facility in Swindon and the process to this being a reality was quite far along, with shovels not far of being able to hit dirt. That was until ol’ Aunt Rona came to visit and it seems The Snow Centre acquisition truck might be headed north instead.

Our friends at Snow Industry News first ran this story back on 12/3/2021, coming via sources close to their team and a public change of business name for The Snow Centre’s new venture.

change of company name from Swindon Snow Centre ltd to TraffordCity Snow Centre ltd

As the screen shot shows the name was changed from Swindon to Trafford City Snow Centre, so putting 2 and 2 together definitely gives an answer of 4 here.

It has been an interesting ride for Chill Factore, which in our opinion always had the better slope pitch of the indoor centres. Lifts first started turning in 2007 and the facility was refinanced in 2009, it was then sold in 2015 and put back on the market for sale at a cool (pun intended) £20 million in January 2021.

With no announcement or details of a deal having been made public yet, we can still only say this is TBC but it looks highly likely!

So what do we think internet-world? Will the potential take over be a good thing? What would you like to see The Snow Centre team bring to the table if it does go through? Will they crack the floor by building kicker too large again? Let us know below 😀

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