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Show me Beginner level sessions

Level 1 - If you're new to snowboarding then this is where the fun begins! We'll help you learn how to control that giant ironing board strapped to your feet and build your confidence every step of the way. WARNING... snowboarding can be a little bit addictive!
Level 2 - You've spent a couple of hours riding (maybe indoor) and are confident making toe/heel side slips, falling leaf and garlands.
Level 3 - You're beginning to make basic C shaped turns on green runs and are starting to explore more terrain away from the beginner area.


Show me Intermediate level sessions
  • Private Lesson (UK) (France)
  • Private Freestyle Lesson (UK) (France)
  • Green Freestyle Camp (UK)
  • Group Snowboard Lesson (France)

Level 4 - You're flowing down green runs with ease, linking turns and controlling your speed. You've made turns on easy blues and are starting to see more of the mountain.
Level 5 - You have blue runs in the bag and are now riding with more speed, using your edges to start carving the board. You've dabbling with switch turns on easier slopes and have got some air time off small rollers, maybe even intentionally too!. You're trying a few easy flatland freestyle moves like tail presses and ollies, turning the mountain into your playground.


Show me Intermediate+ level sessions
  • Private Lesson (UK) (France)
  • Private Freestyle Lesson (UK) (France)
  • Blue Freestyle Camp (UK)
  • Blue Tramp2Snow Camp (UK)
  • Summer Snowboard Camp (France)
  • Winter Snowboard Camp (France)
  • Introduction To Off-piste (France)

Level 6 - You've been using more dynamic movements (flexing/extending) to make turns on easy red runs and are able to perform a variety of turns shapes and sizes, even on slightly undulating terrain. You're able to make linked switch turns on easier slopes and in the park you're acquainted with green jumps/kickers, trying a couple of grabs for extra style points. You've attempted 50-50's (riding straight over) on easy boxes and some more technical slope tricks like ground 180's or nose rolls.
Level 7 - Red slopes are the norm and you're setting foot on a few easy black runs. Your riding has purpose and style, carving clean lines at speed and performing flowing switch turns on blue slopes. You hold grip throughout your turns and are confident in variable/bumpy terrain, having tried a few easy powder runs and laps through the trees. In the park you're happy with board slides on boxes, are attempting ride on rails or harder boxes and have taken a few laps in the pipe. 180's are a go-to trick on easy kickers and side hits, plus your range of grabs and flatland combos are ever increasing.


Show me Advanced level sessions
  • Private Lesson (UK) (France)
  • Private Freestyle Lesson (UK) (France)
  • Red Freestyle Camp (UK)
  • Red Tramp2Snow Camp (UK)
  • Summer Snowboard Camp (France)
  • Winter Snowboard Camp (France)
  • Backcountry Tours (France)

Level 8 - You're riding all but the steepest of black runs with ease, switch comes naturally even on reds and are able to carve with head turning flair across most slopes (even switch carves on easier runs). You're dynamic and controlled in any bumpy, variable or tight terrain and flow through powder fields like a hot knife in butter. In the park you're attempting 360's and hitting the blue kickers, starting to get air in the super pipe and rotating in a smaller pipe. Side on rails and 180's on/off boxes are all in the bag along with more complex features and technical flatland combos.

Level 9 - You're confident on any slope (even in a 50° couloirs), killing it in the park/pipe and oozing creative style where ever you ride. You've worked hard to reach this skill level but a snowboard ninja's training is never over and there are still new challenges to conquer. We recommend checking out the following sessions and dropping us a line to see how we can help continue pushing the boundaries of your snowboarding, the real adventure is only just beginning!