Should I split board with skiers? the Pros and Cons


Sometimes its difficult to find friends to go split boarding with then along comes a group of skiers that are going touring. They ask if you want to tag along but should you join them? Here are the pros and cons


Skiers often take different lines in the powder.


Riding Powder is hard to beat on a snowboard, turns are almost effortless compared to skiing and you’ll be grinning from ear to ear. Learn to ride the mountain in whole new way as you see the slopes through the eyes of a skier. When they see how much fun you’re having, you may even bring a few over to the dark side.


It can be harder on traverses to get your slpitboard to grip when touring in soft snowboard boots.


Splitboard gear has come on a long way in the last 5 years and keeps getting better and better. Many things that splitboarders used to find difficult are now no longer a problem.


Transitions can take longer on Splitboard’s than skis.


Touring with skiers will help you improve your pace and efficiency as you try to keep up with the skiers on the ascent. Learn to split ski on the rolling terrain and speed up your transitions to hang with the pack. Some of the best splitboarder’s in the Chamonix valley go touring with skiers.

So there you have it, there really is no reason not to go split boarding with skiers. It will only make you better and show the world how much fun splitboarding really can be so get out there, shred and share the love.


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Dave Cooper

Dave is a BASI L4 and AASI L3 snowboard instructor based in Chamonix. He loves getting out in the Mountains hitting, jumps, making sweet turns or split boarding into the backcountry in search of powder stashes.

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